BBC 2 TV series – Children’s Hospital: The Chaplains

Filmed at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the series shows the work of the multi-faith chaplaincy team in caring for the young patients and their parents.

From the BBC’s programme information page on the series:

From minor ailments to life threatening diseases, Birmingham Children’s Hospital treats thousands of patients each year. But they don’t just offer medical care – a team of multi-faith chaplains also provide spiritual, cultural and religious support.

The team is led by the Anglican Reverend Paul Nash, whose colourful shirts have become a regular fixture on the wards. Paul manages a team of chaplains representing major world faiths including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and Buddhism.

But the children don’t have to be religious: the chaplain’s role is often about having conversations with kids, and finding a moment to connect with them. Hospital staff also seek out the chaplains for spiritual or pastoral support and often visit the hospital’s beautiful Italianate chapel for a moment of quiet reflection.

Life in the hospital can be an emotional roller coaster – the chaplaincy provide end-of-life care but there are many more stories of hope. Paul remembers one child given minutes to live at the operating theatre. The parents were inconsolable but they prayed together and the child survived the operation and went on to make a full recovery.

Lead Chaplain Revd Paul Nash says that the team “have seen the first two episodes, and were pleased with the fair representation for the families and of their work. Please continue to pray as episodes are still being edited as you read this.”

The series started on BBC 2 on 27 October. You can catch up with the series on BBC iPlayer.

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