Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies

Personal development training – MTh/PGCert/PGDip in Chaplaincy Studies

The Cardiff Centre for Chaplaincy Studies at St Michael’s College, in partnership with Cardiff University School of History, Archaeology and Religion draws together practitioners and academics to study and research chaplaincy in the UK and beyond. Recognised as a Cardiff University research centre, the Centre was established to:

  • Study and research the diverse practice of chaplaincy and the issues it raises;
  • Support and deliver chaplains’ education and professional development; and
  • Communicate the significance of chaplaincy to an international audience.

Exciting, innovative and pioneering, the work of Centre is at the cutting edge of faith’s engagement with society. It resources chaplains in many settings, and from different faiths, putting the key issues with which chaplains engage before a wider audience. The Centre promotes dialogue around many subjects, including the public face of religion within society, the interaction of religion and spirituality, faith practitioners in secular contexts, and multi cultural and multi faith perspectives on spirituality.

The Centre is engaged in:

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