Theos chaplaincy report follow-up

Theos_logoTheos have just emailed those who attended the launch of A Very Modern Ministry, their report of their research into chaplaincy in the UK.

Thank you for attending the Theos chaplaincy conference last week. It was a pleasure to see so many of you there and to be able to engage with chaplains and others from such a broad range of backgrounds. Further copies of the report can be purchased or downloaded in PDF form on our website for those who would like them. Audio from the conference, is now available on our website here.

We’re delighted to share that since conference last week the report has been covered in the Church Times, Tablet and extensively on a number of radio stations, most notably the BBC World Service and the Sunday Programme on Radio 4. Links to media coverage, where available, are gathered on our website here.

Your feedback is important to us so we would like to know what you thought of the conference and report. Please would you take 5 minutes to fill in this questionnaire? You can also get in touch with us directly at if there is anything to which you would like to listen back or send on to anyone who was not able to be at the conference.

We would particularly value your input on whether there are elements of future research into chaplaincy that you feel ought to be drawn to our attention, or if you have any suggestions about ways to bring the research to new audiences. On which note, do have a look at our blog pages for a series of blogs on chaplaincy that began on Wednesday and will continue through this week.

Here are direct links to some of Theos’ chaplaincy blog posts:

Do read these and other posts about chaplaincy on Theos’ website.

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