Cost of chaplaincy?

MODERN-MINISTRY-COVER_620The Theos team have published a blog rebutting the continuing attack by the National Secular Society on the public funding of chaplaincy:

The NSS has been running a blog and fairly fiery Facebook discussion on the cost of NHS chaplaincy. Specifically they put the cost of chaplaincy to the NHS at £23.5 m
illion pounds. This, they note, is a £1.5 million increase on the last financial year “despite falling levels of religious adherence”.

First, some context. Spread across 230 NHS trusts, with a 2015-2016 overall NHS budget of an eye-watering £115.4 billion, the amount spent on chaplaincy is pretty trivial. Furthermore, no NHS trust is obliged to have chaplains (unlike prisons, where the role is a statutory one). Therefore, given the extreme cuts across NHS departments it seems a fairly safe assumption that most NHS trusts that retain their chaplains see some sort of value in them – or else they would surely have followed the example of a few from a few years ago and cut them completely. Still, £23.5 million is £23.5 million and chaplains should not be immune from having to justify their value for money.

You can read more here.

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