We are working together to support patients, families and staff. 
Mark Burleigh

I was elected Chair of the Network in March 2020.  I aim to serve the Network to help ensure that healthcare Chaplaincy in the NHS, and other healthcare settings in England, is a beacon of diversity and inclusion.  Our vision is that patients, families and staff have the highest quality pastoral, spiritual and religious care from chaplains and Chaplaincy volunteers.  In order to make this a reality we need to ensure that the full range of religions and beliefs represented in the hospial community are a part of the chaplaincy team, on an equal footing with all their colleagues.

As I took over, the report "Fit for theTwenty-First Century? - The State of Inclusion for Acute NHS Chaplaincy Pastoral, Spiritual and Religious Care Services in England" had just been published.  As I see it, the first job on our agenda is to discover from the key stakeholders how they plan to respond to its many reccomendations.

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