We are working together to support patients, families and staff. 
The key aim of the Network for Pastoral, Spiritual & Religious Care in Health (NPSRCH), formerly the Healthcare Chaplaincy Faith & Belief Group, is to promote and support religious, spiritual and pastoral care in the NHS in England. ‘Chaplaincy’ is the term generally used to cover this broad range of care.

We work to facilitate a common understanding of and support for chaplaincy amongst faith and belief communities, chaplaincy bodies and other providers of religious, spiritual and pastoral care. We also work to help users of chaplaincy services to understand the nature of this care.

We provide a means of consultation between faith and belief groups about chaplaincy.

We work  in co-operation with healthcare and chaplaincy organisations, bodies and authorities providing this care.

And we support faith and belief communities in developing  their capacity to offer religious, spiritual and pastoral care through the education, training and authorisation of their chaplains and chaplaincy volunteers. We ensure that the various authorisation bodies are enabled to work together as closely as possible.

Advice for NHS England & other healthcare organisations

We provide advice to NHS England about chaplaincy, with the aim of enhancing holistic care and patient experience.

We provide a forum for advice and support to healthcare bodies and organisations within and outside the NHS;

We promote the development and sharing of knowledge and good practice through chaplaincy research projects and conferences.