We are working together to support patients, families and staff. 

The key aim of the Network for Pastoral, Spiritual & Religious Care in Health (NPSRCH), formerly the Healthcare Chaplaincy Faith & Belief Group (HCFBG), is to promote and support high quality person-centred pastoral, spiritual, and religious care in healthcare.

We seek to achieve this aim through our objectives:

  1. Promoting and facilitating equal opportunities for patients, relatives, carers, and staff to access appropriate and, where possible, like-minded pastoral, spiritual, and religious care.
  2. Promoting and facilitating the good understanding of pastoral, spiritual, and religious care needs of patients, relatives, carers, and staff.
  3. Promoting and facilitating a diverse workforce with the necessary skills, competencies, and capabilities to have equal opportunities to provide appropriate pastoral, spiritual, and religious care, both as volunteers and in paid posts so as to ensure high quality patient care.
  4. To promote good, evidence based, pastoral, spiritual, and religious care practice. This may be achieved through activities such as providing & publishing advice, education & training, research, authorisation, conferences, etc.
  5. To promote effective and constructive cooperation between the religion or belief bodies who support the above objectives, and between the Network and organisations with responsibility for helping to provide pastoral, spiritual, and religious care.
  6. To ensure effective communication between religion and belief bodies, religion and belief groups and their networks, healthcare providers, and chaplaincy professional bodies.