We are working together to support patients, families and staff. 

Baháʼís believe in the fundamental unity of people, religions, and God; and actively work towards social justice and world peace. The community is administered by elected councils (Assemblies) at local and national levels. There is no concept of priesthood or ordination in the Baháʼí Faith, individuals are responsible for their own spiritual life and development. Pastoral care is the responsibility of Assemblies, which may appoint individuals or small teams to take care of the pastoral needs of the community.

The geographically widespread nature of the community gives rise to particular challenges when it comes to the provision of healthcare chaplaincy. At the national level a small team coordinates the recruitment, training and supervision of Bahá’í chaplains serving in healthcare settings around the country. The role of Baháʼí healthcare chaplains is to support patients, their families, and staff in their spiritual and religious life, to provide a listening and understanding ear, and, where necessary, to explain the (relatively few) particular needs of Bahá’í patients to staff in the hospital or other healthcare setting. Baháʼís are very happy working in multi faith and belief contexts and are always willing to have appropriate conversations with patients and staff of all faiths or none.

The Baháʼí community is represented on the Network by Kaykhosrov Manuchehri and Elizabeth Jenkerson.

Web link: http://www.bahai.org.uk/